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Pilgrimage to Lourdes on June 9-11

Last Sunday we celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes and we opened the inscriptions to sign up for the Annual Pilgrimage.

peregrinación a Lourdes

Miracle number 70 of Our Lady of Lourdes

The Church of France has commemorated the day of Our Lady of Lourdes announcing that the Mother of God has performed the healing number 70.

The events go back to 2008 when Sister Bernadette Moriau made a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Lourdes, coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes. Sister Bernadette Moriau suffered a Sciatica diagnosed since 1966 when she was 27 years old and this condition had degenerated towards a neurological deficit that had left her almost disabled, so she needed a wheelchair to move around and needed orthopedic devices. Sister Bernadette had undergone 4 operations throughout her life but could no longer practice as a nurse.

On the pilgrimage of 2008 the religious participated in a pilgrimage and received the sacrament of the sick.

Upon returning, in July, Sister Bernadette testifies: “I felt an unusual sensation of relaxation and warmth in my whole body” and “I felt like an inner voice asked me to take off all the appliances, corset and splint”. She interrupted all her treatments that same day.

Bishop Jacques Benoit-Gonnin made the miracle public by observing “a sudden, instantaneous, complete, lasting cure that can not be explained by current scientific knowledge.” Bishop stressed in a text sent to the AFP agency: ” character + prodigious miracle + and the value of + divine sign + of the healing of the sister Bernadette Moriau, obtained through the intercession (…) of the Virgin Mary.

Every year the San José de la Montaña Association together with the Mothers of Desamparados and San José de la Montaña organize a pilgrimage to Lourdes

The Royal Sanctuary of the Mountain receives every year hundreds of pilgrims who come to know the figure of our Holy Patriarch and that is why we know the joy of being a pilgrim. Throughout the year we celebrate some pilgrimages, but the one we always make is the Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes.

The members of the San José de la Montaña Association organize this Pilgrimage that serves to share Faith and Brotherhood among all those who wish to join.

Pictures of Other years:

Sign up and Participate

The trip is on 9-11 June.

The price is € 140 for members of the association and € 145 for the rest

You can register in the Office of the Association, in the Dispatch of objects, calling 932 84 05 00,

on the Sanctuary Facebook or by writing to santuariosanjosem@gmail.com

A pilgrimage that engages.

Lourdes engages, we do not say it, the whole world says it goes. Going once to the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes means returning on some other occasion, and we at the San José de la Montaña Sanctuary know it very well, we return every year.

The visit to the Grotto in which the little Bernadette communicated with the Mother of God and make the offering is the most intimate moment of Faith, although the esplanade is full of devotees. The meals of Brotherhood with those who share the Pilgrimage is also a time that engages. The International Eucharist, the visit to the birthplace of Bernadette or the most intimate Eucharist on Sunday are part of a ritual that fills and pushes us back




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