Madre Paloma muestra a Marian Arahuetes y a Pablo Moreno la imagen original de San José de la Montaña
…Mariam Arahuetes and Pablo Moreno, protagonist and director of Petra de San José, meet at Sant Josep de la Muntanya

On February 4th a special screening of the film Petra de San José was held in Barcelona. The screening included a colloquium discussion with the director Pablo Moreno, the producer and the leading actress.

After the col-loqui the Mothers took the director, producer and the protagonist to see the Sanctuary and to meet Saint Joseph of Mountain.

It was a very pleasant visit for the congregation. Some mothers were able to meet the actress who embodies Mother Petra as a young girl by video conference and seeing her in person was very exciting.

The pre-production of Petra de San José and its filming were conditioned by the Pandemic, and it was not possible to film in different locations, and the Sanctuary had to be recreated with sets and visual effects.

For the members of the film crew, to be able to see the oratory that was once the bedroom in which Mother Petra died and to see the image of Saint Joseph that our founder bought, was a gift that crowned the experience that has been the culmination of this project.

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