Misa rociera, Barcelona. Coro San José de la Montaña

Rociera Mass in Barcelona.

Rociera Mass in Barcelona. The next day July 1 in the Royal Shrine Saint Joseph of Montain we will celebrate a Rociera Mass. Sing the Mass: the Choir of the Rociera Brotherhood of Sabadell A Rociera Mass in Barcelona. The Rociera Mass that takes place every year in Saint Joseph of Montain Royal Shrine, at the beginning of Summer is a date set in the Calendar for all those who in the city of Barcelona enjoy a Mass sung with Romances Andaluces ( Andalucian Songs ). Initially created to honor the Virgin of the Rocio in its Pilgrimage, at present this type of Masses are celebrated throughout the year as a reason for celebration and to express Devotion to Mary with Joy. It is also very typical to celebrate Rocieras Weddings. We remember that it is a religious celebration and it requires silence and respect. Donations are accepted for the social…