visita guiada 2018

Do you want to know the Royal Sanctuary of the Mountain?

There are still places for the first guided tour 2018. Do you sign up? The Royal Sanctuary of San José de la Montaña, home of devotees to San José, pilgrims and children welcomed at risk of social exclusion opens quarterly its doors for a concerted visit. A Sanctuary of Devotion to San José built from the Faith of Beata Petra Blessed Petra of Saint Joseph arrived in Barcelona in 1886 and had, along with the other Mothers of Forsaken, a house for orphaned children. The houses became small one after another and the Providence led to the hands of Blessed Petra an inert land called “the Peeled Hill” above the Villa de Gracia. This area of ​​farms, very far from what was then Barcelona was the place where Beata Petra knew that she had to build the first Sanctuary dedicated to the figure of Saint Joseph. The effort, tenacity, Faith…